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Tracy's Enhanced Estimating

Our Enhanced Estimate process provides the outstanding collision service we customarily deliver, at an accelerated pace. Free to qualifying vehicles, Enhanced Estimating requires you to leave your vehicle with us for a short time.

How You Benefit

By going right to the partial disassembly of your vehicle, we save you unnecessary wait times in the shop. Because we are able to prepare a complete repair plan in advance, delays in the repair process will be reduced and your repaired vehicle will be returned to you faster. If you are paying for repairs out of your own pocket, Tracy's Enhanced Estimate is the most effective way to find pricing options.

How It Works

An "enhanced" estimate includes a partial disassembly of your vehicle to reveal any potential hidden damage. Once we've completed this step your vehicle will be reassembled to drivable condition, and returned to you. Being able to look at the actual damage in advance allows us to prepare a complete parts order, get any necessary insurance approval for payment, and schedule a start and completion date for your vehicle repair before we begin the repair process.

Important Note: No shortcuts will be taken during the repair process. Time savings from our Enhanced Estimate are gained ONLY in the planning stages.

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